Real Estate Photography: Your Next Step

Staging of a property is one of those tasks that can really help a potential buyer visualize their new space.  For this reason we have come up with a short list of items that will help our teams get the most out of your session.


  • Remove small appliances, food containers and utensils from counter tops

  • Clean all cooking appliance surfaces of grease and splatter

  • Empty the sink and drying rack of all dishes, remove sponges and soap

  • Move trash cans out of sight and into a closet or pantry where possible

  • Clear items off of refrigerators such as magnets or art work

            Add a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of flowers for that homey touch


  • Clear vanities and counters of all personal items

  • Remove all bathing items from the shower or bath tub

  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass shower doors

  • Conceal trash cans, bathroom scales, and laundry baskets

  • Replace toilet paper rolls and remove tissue boxes

           Place towels on towel racks and launder bath mats


  • Put away clothes, shoes, and Landry baskets

  • Remove any small appliances or video game consoles

  • Clear items out from under the bed

  • Clear items off of night stands and dresser tops

  • Close closet doors and remove items commonly hung on them

           Make the bed, arrange comforters, and pillows neatly

Living Areas

  • Dust all surfaces including ceiling fans in rooms to be photographed

  • Open all window shades and place them at the same height

  • Conceal any chords to T.V.'s or video game consoles

  • Vacuum and mop floors the day of a photo session when possible

  • Conceal personal items like photographs and children's art work

            Turn on all lights, ensure bulbs are working and are of the same color


  • Move all vehicles out of the driveway and across the street or into the garage

  • Mow the grass and water all plants a day prior to a session when possible

  • Clean debris from in and around pools, decks, spas, or ponds

  • Move outside trashcans inside the garage or at a minimum out of view

  • Remove any large outdoor children's toys

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